Press Releases

LOGINventory6.2: Expedition to the company network

Inventory software for SME and large corporations optimized

Munich, Germany, 25.08.2014 – Software manufacturer Schmidt’s LOGIN today announced the availability of LOGINventory6.2. The network inventory software integrates many new functions to vastly increase its usability. The update supports both Microsoft SQL Editions as also Oracle 12c. A new role-based concept allows control of a per-site access for analyzing the hardware and software assets. Equipped with a bunch of many innovative features, LOGINventory6.2 is the ideal tool for use in network environments of any size.

LOGINventory6.1: Increased usability, improved features

Munich, 04.03.2014 – Based on many users’ valuable feedback, the intuitive usability of network inventory software LOGINventory was improved in many details since the release of version 6. The new version comes with a multi-user language interface currently integrating English and German, other languages will follow soon. The update to version 6.1 is free for all licensed LOGINventory6 users.

LOGINventory 5.9: Now even with an inventory of VMware ESX/ESXi servers

SNMP support vastly enhanced

Munich, 09.10.2012 – Munich based software vendor LOGIN today announced the availability of LOGINventory 5.9. The latest release of the innovative network inventory software comes with a completey revised data collection via SNMP. The administrator tool now gathers information from VMware ESX/ESXi servers, as also the data collection from Mac and Linux operating systems has been significantly improved. Furthermore, the determination of Oracle software packages was optimized.

LOGINventory6: Rapid Return on Investment through Software Usage Analytics

Inventory software with comprehensive license management

Munich, 2013-12-04 – Released today, the new network inventory software LOGINventory6 enables businesses of all sizes to achieve rapid return on IT investments via software usage analytics, freeing up administration time and budget for more important core-business tasks. The new LOGINuse module delivers reliable and timely data to administrators about de facto software usage at every workplace. Further significant savings are achieved by integrating LOGINuse into LOGINventory’s license management. Minimal effort is needed to configure and administer the scan module via Active Directory.

LOGINventory 5.8: Inventory Tool for Windows networks with many detail improvements

Much fine-tuning on popular inventory software

Munich, 26.06.2012 – Software vendor Schmidt's LOGIN today announced the availability of LOGINventory 5.8. The new version of the inventory software for Windows networks was enhanced in many parts. The most significant new features are intelligent methods for improved data acquisitions.