IT Asset Inventory & License Management

What has LOGINventory7?

LOGINventory is an inventory and license management software running on Windows for all types of IT assets. The extremely low start-up costs and the intuitive user interface put all users without prior training immediately in a position to gain valuable information for their activities in the IT environment.

Always up-to-date Inventory of IT Assets

  • Very easy to install and operate
  • No rolling out of agents
  • Always authentic information.

Simple and clear Presentation

  • Hardware and software components, configuration, rights structure,...
  • HDD status like type (SSD?), hours of operation, read errors,...
  • Printer status like page counter, remaining toner or ink capacity, error messages,...
  • Exchange organization, databases, servers and mailboxes,...
  • Check hardware requirements for migration to Windows 10 like BIOS OEM-Key

Change History

  • Chronological display of all detected changes to a PC or network
  • Supports helpdesk at e.g.:"... I have not done anything - yesterday it still worked..."

Graphic Illustration of the Network Topology

  • Which switch port has been connected to which PC, printer etc.

License Management for Virtual Environments

  • Control of operating system licenses for VMs on virtual hosts.

Continous Software License Management

  • Provision of informations for audits
  • Overview of consumed, used and available licenses
  • Documentation of fulfilling compliance criteria.

Detection of Savings

  • Logging of all programs started by the user
  • Identification o finstalled but unused applications
  • Tracking of an application’s last usage.

Compliance with all data protection requirements

  • Anonymization of interactive user accounts

Support for remote and mobile Computers

  • The optional Windows Offline Agent also allows a daily inventory of machines that are not in the LAN such as notebooks or servers within a DMZ.

Flexible Field of Application

  • Portable LOGINventory Management Center: No installation required on workstations.
  • LOGINventory Webinterface allows access and analysis via computers, that do not meet th esystem requirements
  • Both centralized and decentralized structures are well supported.

Free technical Support

  • Technical support for the current versions always is for free.
  • Updates within licensed major product version are also for free.
  • If there is even a problem, we will solve it usually within the next business day.
  • We provide support via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by phone and through our forum.
  • If necessary, we connect us via TeamViewer to your computer.

Video Tutorials

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