Windows Network Inventory

LOGINventory6: Software and Hardware Inventory reaching a New Level


The new version 6 of our leading asset management tool LOGINventory integrates many useful new features saving effort, time and – of course – money. Every LOGINventory program part has been significantly enhanced. For example, the network traffic during the scan process is reduced by an average of 80%, although the amount of the collected data has been vastly increased. LOGINventory6 now detects about 500 properties per asset.

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What’s new?

Enhanced License Management

License Management

LOGINventory’s license management has been totally redesigned and includes many new functions. Clearly defined software products, its editions and versions can now be arranged at any folder structure. The new license management now adopts the overall concept of LOGINventory6 to create hierarchical analyses in the tree view. This way the software package node gets an individual structure improving the usability. The universal product definitions can be used in other analyses or in future tools of this application.


Software Usage Tracking

software usage tracking

LOGINventory6 even detects date and time of "last recently used" applications via a Windows API. However, these data are subject to some restrictions as applications are considered only if they have been started from Start menu, desktop or Windows Explorer.

For this reason, LOGINventory6 as an option provides a separate agent for application usage tracking, called "LOGINuse". It registers all used applications - even if started via command line - from all users of a computer. This also works on terminal servers. If LOGINuse data are available, data collected from the Windows API will be ignored for this system. Of course, this usage data will be applicable within the LOGINventory license management. By comparing installed applications with used licenses you may discover a vast potential for cost savings as you may identify unused and thus superfluous applications.


Anonymization of User Accounts

Anonymization of User Data

By default, interactive user accounts now will be anonymized. It is impossible to trace back individual-related data and associate the information with a real person. LOGINventory6 fully complies with legal standards in regard to the protection of private data.


Microsoft Exchange Inventory

MS Exchange

LOGINventory6 provides a perfect overview over the entire Microsoft Exchange Configuration: It discovers all of your servers with their editions, roles and many database details.

Furthermore, mobile device types like smart phones, tablets and others will now be inventoried as they register on Exchange server connection. This helps the administrator complete the asset discovery in the network.


Asset Identification by "Fingerprint"


LOGINventory6 uses a new "Fingerprint" method to identify assets in a safe and secure way. It is used to avoid duplicate entries which might occur when a computer has been renamed or a mainboard / network interface cards has been replaced.


Integration with Active Directory


LOGINventory6 lets the administrator define scan ranges based on existing AD structures like sites, subnets or OUs. Working this way, AD modifications will be included automatically on next scan. Big advantage: No longer redundant management of scan ranges via the scan module's GUI.


Graphical Network Topology


LOGINventory6 now provides the graphical presentation of your network structure. You get an optically clear and detailed view of the topology with its port connections and asset dependencies between clients, servers, switches, printers, etc. This feature helps the administrator get a better overview over the entire network environment or - if so preferred -parts of the environment. This way you may for instance decide at which network position it would make sense to invest in additional hardware.


Portable Use without Installation

LOGINventory6 can be copied to a network share to a removable storage medium like a USB stick. After this preparation, LOGINventory Management Center can be executed without being installed just by starting LOGINventory.exe.

Discover the full range of inventoried network assets and see all LOGINventory6 innovations side by side with previous versions in this feature list.