LOGINventory: fast, easy and agent-less hardware and software discovery for Windows networks. Get the free version for 20 assets!

Agentless Windows Network Inventory


LOGINventory5: Hardware and software discovery with software license management

LOGINventory is an asset management and network inventory tool helping you scan and analyze the entire software and hardware environment in your organization. LOGINventory is agent-less, fast and easy to use.

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Top Reasons for LOGINventory5

LOGINventory version 5 includes a lot of new features and innovative improvements, all designed to help you scan and evaluate your network inventory data more comprehensively and efficiently than ever before.

1. Create Hierarchical Queries

hirachicalqueriesTo keep an overview and gain deep insight in the network, the inventory of the deployed and installed assets on a regular basis is a must for the IT department. However, not every information might be as important as the other. LOGINventory5 lets you easily filter the data you really need and puts them in the focus. Analyses are hierarchically organized and pass on their filter conditions to sub nodes. These can be displayed as default node types like Hardware, Software, Assets or User Node for all queries.


2. Role based Access Control for Groups and Users

accesscontrolFilter and customize the views on the LOGINventory database by completely masking, for example, the upper console tree with its unfiltered, predefined views. This feature helps you create a user specific and convenient access control.


3. Sophisticated License Management

Lizenzmanagement Version 5 provides an advanced license management, helping you to easily structure the installed software packages and to monitor your software license compliance. Users can dynamically group and consolidate several software product versions of the same license into one license type and manage license acquisitions and/or dispositions in combination with the associated documents.


4. Automated Commands with MS Windows PowerShell Scripting

Powershell LOGINventory5 is based on Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and allows scripting via MS Windows PowerShell 2.0. The object-oriented PowerShell add-on enables network administrators e.g. to be automatically informed about the status of certain asset attributes or properties, such as software license violations. PowerShell commands can be executed via command prompt or can be generated as scripts from within the LOGINventory management console.


5. Easily Handle your Network Assets via enhanced LOGINventory Management Console applications

  • LOGINventory5 Dashboard for user friendly and quick views over the basic network inventory data
  • Customize settings via the Root Node's 'Properties'
  • Domain Node for dispersed multi-site organizations
  • Easily select values from the filter bar's pull down menu
  • Choose between list or group view
  • The finding of not installed software is implemented as a standard functionality

And as usual you get:

  • Free updates, support and the free version for 20 assets
  • Automated hardware & software inventory of all Windows computers as well as Linux and Mac OS
  • Inventory of network devices like printers, switches, routers, hubs etc. via SNMP
  • Access via Remote Registry and WMI without installation of additional software agents on the work stations


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