Network Inventory and License Management

LOGINventory6: Software and Hardware Inventory


LOGINventory6 is a network inventory software with integrated license management. Easy to install, ready for immediate use and simple in handling. Quantity, quality and currentness of data from hardware and software is superior. Evaluation and reporting go fast, precise and flexible.

LOGINventory inventories and evaluates vast data amounts gathered from Windows PCs, servers and other network devices in the shortest possible time. As network traffic is very low, multi-site organizations that are connected over wide area networks will enormously benefit from our inventory software.

LOGINventory provides overview and orientation for every grown IT environments and is an ideal tool to administrate networks both in SME and in enterprise-class corporations.

Always free: Updates within the main version, technical support and the 20 assets trial version!

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Product Highlights

Single Installation: Agentless Inventory


LOGINventory can be centrally installed on a PC or a server. An installation of software agents on client computers is not necessary: LOGINventory works agentless. It discovers physical and virtual computers including all components such as model, chassis, processors, storage modules, drives, sound and video adapters, monitors and connected USB devices. Additionally, it inventories other hardware as switches, routers, print servers etc. Of course, all installed software packages, apps, hotfixes and the configuration of Windows systems will be inventoried.

Via existing APIs, LOGINventory reaches even more devices running Mac OS-X, Linux, VMware ESX, etc. with SNMP or SSH interfaces.

Centrally stored in an MS-SQL or Oracle database, all data is immediately available and you can dynamically query data for further analyses in configurable and well-arranged reports needed for documentation in audits and controllings within the scope of your asset management.


Orderly Conditions: Software License Management

License Management

LOGINventory’s license management is based on the existing software package inventory data. An easy-to-use wizard helps the user convert a package into a licensed-managed product. It allows to control up- and downgrade rights, maintenance contracts, license purchase and sale, as well as several license metrics like: per-user, per-device, per-installation, concurrent-use, etc. and completely fulfills today's SAM requirements.


The Road to ROI: Software Usage Tracking

software usage tracking

LOGINventory6 quickly pays back the invested purchase price. With the optional usage agent LOGINuse for Windows it is possible to register a timestamp for last usage of all applications of all users on a PC. It also works on Windows terminal servers. Of course, usage data will be applicable within the LOGINventory license management. By comparing installed software applications with actually used licenses you may discover a vast potential for cost savings as you will quickly identify unused and superfluous applications.

If LOGINuse for Windows is not available, the LOGINventory system tries to detect via Windows API the last known points in time when the applications were used. However, the informative value of these data is less reliable and only applications started from Start menu, desktop or Windows Explorer will be considered.


Good Sight: Panoramic View on MS Exchange and Mobile Devices

MS Exchange

LOGINventory6 provides an overview over the entire Microsoft Exchange organization: It discovers all of your servers with their editions, roles and many details of mailbox databases.

Furthermore, mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and others that are connected to the Exchange server via ActiveSync will be inventoried and displayed together with all other assets.


Clear Line: Asset Identification by Fingerprint


LOGINventory6 uses an innovative ifngerprint method to clearly identify assets in a secure way. It is used to prevent duplicate entries that can occur when a computer is renamed or motherboard or network card were exchanged.


 Less Administration: Integration with Active Directory


LOGINventory6 lets the administrator define scan ranges based on existing AD structures. All modifications made within the AD such as new subnets, sites or OUs will be automatically included at the next scan. This reduces the administrative hassle of entering and updating scan ranges in the scan module's GUI.


Perfect Overview: Graphical Network Topology


LOGINventory6 provides the graphical presentation of your network structure. You get an optically clear and detailed view of the topology with its port connections and asset dependencies between clients, servers, switches, print servers, etc. Depending on the network size, this feature helps the administrator get a better overview over the network environment as a whole or in parts.


Privacy in Practice: User Account Anonymization

Anonymization of User Data

In general, LOGINventory6 stores interactive user accounts in an anonymized way. With this technology that converts clear text data into a nonhuman readable and irreversible format, LOGINventory6 fully complies with legal standards regarding the protection of users' privacy.


No Problem: Free Technical Support

free support

Our LOGINventory customers always get free and quick technical support for the latest numbered main version. If there is an issue with your LOGINventory installation, it will be resolved within 24 hours. We give you English language support via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone and through our community forum. In urgent cases we provide immediate help via TeamViewer. There is no limited number of support tickets - it doesn't matter, how many times you will contact us with your requests.

Currently, we support LOGINventory versions 6.6 and If you are still using version 6.3 or 5.9, please update to v6.6 or v5.11. Support for LOGINventory 4 ended after the release of version 6.0. The technical support for version 5 will terminate with the release of LOGINventory version 7.


Inventory to go: Portable Use without Installation

The LOGINventory Management Center (LMC) can be exported to a network share or to a removable storage medium like a USB stick. Afterwards, the LMC can be directly executed on other PCs without any previous installation step.