LOGINventory free Download


download LOGINventory6 Version: 6.6.3 | Filesize: ~ 200 MB | Changelog
For up to 20 assets you can try and use LOGINventory6 for free; a version 6 license is required for more than 20 assets. This download includes a ready-to-use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express instance. This is a free update for all licensed users of LOGINventory6, as always.

Data migration or import from LOGINventory5 is possible only with an export from v5.11.0.5800 or later.

The Compact installation (~66 MB - without SQL Server) can be used to update from v6.x - or for a new installation with an existing supported Microsoft SQL-Server or Oracle 12c database.

Get detailed version information and changes at our Developer Blog.

Download link for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Management Studio


LOGINventory6 User Manual: PDF | XPS

LOGINventory6 Administration Guide: PDF | XPS

Data Sheet

LOGINventory6: PDF | XPS


download LOGINventory5Version - Size: ~ 64 MB  (including 32-bit MS Access DB Engine)
(English & German)
For up to 20 assets you can use LOGINventory5 for free! For all licensed LOGINventory5 customers this download is a free update.

LOGINventory5 Webinterface as well as Powershell interface are always included. If you don't need the MS Access DB Engine, you may download this compact version (38 MB).

V3 or v4 licenses are not valid for this version.

Get detailed version information and changes at our Developer Blog.


LOGINventory5 Manual: PDF | XPS

LOGINventory5 Installation & Migration Guide: PDF | XPS

LOGINventory5 Trouble Shooting Guide: PDF | XPS

LOGINventory5 Data Sheet: PDF | XPS


Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (only needed if automatic installation fails during setup)

MMC3.0 for Windows XP


LOGINventory v4.5.7 Build 1637 Caution: This version is not compatible with Windows 7, Server 2008-R2 or later!
LOGINventory Webinterface v4.5.8


logman-footballdownload Version 3.4.6284 (Februay 2015); unlimited download; Size: ~ 30 MB

LOGINstall is careware; you may download and use the tool for an unlimited number of users in the network.
The download requires no Registration.




Drive Snapshot

Drive Snapshot

download Version 1.43 inkl. Setup; Evaluation Period 30 days; Size: ~ 2 MB
Free update for all licensed users of v1.x + test version.

Drivesnapshot 1.43 32-Bit  |  Drivesnapshot 1.43 64-Bit

Drivesnapshot 1.40 (incl. NT 4 support)


Drive Snapshot 1.43 (German)


Team Viewer

download TeamViewer 9 Quick Support

Execute for remote support session