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The integrated license management in the new update LOGINventory6.4 is now very easy to handle. Get smart - get LOGINventory today: Try the free version! More...


LOGINstall 3.4.6284

The helpful admin tool is now supporting mixed 32/64-bit environments. It comes with an improved error handling for invalid entries in the command file. The import from the client program KIS provides syntax checks and warnings.  More...


IMF Tune 7.1

Anti-Spam for MS Exchange. IMF Tune v7.1 improves DNS list processing performance and is able to squeeze more concurrent DNS IP/URI list queries, allowing to complete email processing more quickly. Download and try the latest version. More...


DriveSnapshot 1.43

Disk image backups for Windows now even in 64-bit. The latest version allows you to restore a system drive during the computer restart, supports Windows 8, 8.1 and 2012 (R2) and provides enhancements for moving to new hardware. More...


LOGINventory6: Best of system management software

LOGINventory6 Best of System Management solutions 2015In 2015, our network inventory software LOGINventory convinced again the top-class jury with scientists, professors, journalists and industry experts at the annual "Innovationspreis-IT" (IT Innovation Award) under the patronage of Microsoft. In the category system management LOGINventory was nominated among the best-of solutions for the third time in a row and continues to demonstrate its innovative strength.

If you agree that our software belongs to one of the industry's best system management solutions, you can rate LOGINventory with five stars at the voting website of the IT best list, starting April 1st.

LOGINventory6.4 - Customer suggestions accepted

Stimulated by our customers, we improved central aspects of new LOGINventory6.4 to further enhance the software's usability. Among these are a simplified license management, better handling to define custom queries and easier access to linked Active Directory information.

Details about more technical information can be found in our Developer Blog.

The best way to convince yourself: Download LOGINventory and test it!

As ususal, the new version is a free update for licensed LOGINventory users!


LOGINventory6.3: Language support for Spanish and French

LOGINventory is multilingualTo meet the requirements of our global customer base, the Windows network inventory software LOGINventory now also integrates language packages for Spanish and French. Every user can now use LOGINventory in the preferred locale.

Furthermore, LOGINventory6.3 integrates many technical detail improvements, all listed in our Developer Blog.

The update to version 6.3 is free for all licensed LOGINventory6 customers.


LOGINventory feature requests and improvements

You have innovative ideas for optimizing and expanding our network inventory software?
Share your feature requests and be a vital part in creating LOGINventory’s future!

Tell us what you think! With the new polling widget in our website's right upper corner we gather good ideas and we invite you to let us know your suggestions for improvements and new features. Or just vote for other users’ ideas.

We look forward to hearing about your great ideas! Have your say!


LOGINventory6.2: Windows Inventory Software for Everyone

To lower the entry hurdles for using LOGINventory in combination with professional database systems in the SME sector, the new LOGINventory6.2 now ships with a preconfigured MS SQL Server Express database. The update also supports the connection to Oracle 12c databases used in enterprise-class corporations without the need to install any client driver software. Distributed organizations will benefit from the new roll-based access control, allowing users at each site to only see their enabled part of the inventory.

And that’s not all...