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New: LOGINventory 7.1

The extremely low start-up costs and the intuitive user interface put all users without prior training immediately in a position to gain valuable information for their activities in the IT environment. More...


LOGINstall 3.5

The helpful admin tool is now supporting mixed 32/64-bit environments. It comes with an improved error handling for invalid entries in the command file. The import from the client program KIS provides syntax checks and warnings.  More...


IMF Tune 7.1

Anti-Spam for MS Exchange incl. version 2016. IMF Tune v7.1 improves DNS list processing performance and is able to squeeze more concurrent DNS IP/URI list queries, allowing to complete email processing more quickly. Download and try the latest version. More...


DriveSnapshot 1.43

Disk image backups for Windows now even in 64-bit. The latest version allows you to restore a system drive during the computer restart, supports Windows 8, 8.1 and 2012 (R2) and provides enhancements for moving to new hardware. More...


LOGINventory7: Best of 2016 - System Management

Best of SystemmanagementWith this year's theme THINK.INNOVATION., thousands of innovative companies applied with their solutions for the industry award 'INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT'. An independent jury of experts awarded LOGINventory7, the network software for IT inventory and license management, one of the best solutions in the category 'system management'.

Now available: LOGINventory7

LOGINventory includes a broad range of innovative and useful features. One of the development goals was to retrieve clear information about the virtual infrastructure and the adaptation of the LOGINventory license management to the challenges of current, virtualized environments.

LOGINventory6 Video Tutorials

LOGINventory Video TurialsYou will now find some new LOGINventory videos showing how easy it is to handle the functionalities of our network inventory software. You will learn a lot about the first steps and handling the LMC.

The first two videos explain LOGINventory in spoken English language. The following tutorials provide the option of subtitles to be displayed in English and any other language.


LOGINventory6.6 now supporting Microsoft Windows 10

Among the most striking innvations of the latest update of our network inventory software is the support for MS Windows 10. Furthermore, LOGINventory6.6 now contains a pre-configured MS SQL Server 2012 Express database. This cumulative update integrates the features of all sub-versions released since v6.5.

Version Update: LOGINventory6.5

In addition to many technical features in LOGINventory6.5, the redesigned Web Interface stands out. In terms of look and feel it is now similar to the console application. Also striking is the refined rights concept, which enables even more granular settings.

The proof is in the pudding! Download and try our latest release!

As usual, the update is free for all licensed LOGINventory6 users.

Read more about the new version’s most important improvements in our Developer Blog.