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Beginners will enjoy the included and preconfigured SQL-Express database. Enterprise-class corporations will benefit from the new support for Oracle 12c database servers. Get smart - get LOGINventory today: Download and test the free version! More...


LOGINstall 3.2.3659

The helpful admin tool is now supporting mixed 32/64-bit environments. It comes with an improved error handling for invalid entries in the command file. The import from the client program KIS provides syntax checks and warnings.  More...


IMF Tune 7.0

Anti-Spam for MS Exchange. Version 7 now integrates DNS lists, IP range configuration, Moderator Web Interface and supports automatic database compaction. Download and try the latest version. More...


DriveSnapshot 1.43

Disk image backups for Windows now even in 64-bit. The latest version allows you to restore a system drive during the computer restart, supports Windows 8, 8.1 and 2012 (R2) and provides enhancements for moving to new hardware. More...


LOGINventory6.2: Windows Inventory Software for Everyone

To lower the entry hurdles for using LOGINventory in combination with professional database systems in the SME sector, the new LOGINventory6.2 now ships with a preconfigured MS SQL Server Express database. The update also supports the connection to Oracle 12c databases used in enterprise-class corporations without the need to install any client driver software. Distributed organizations will benefit from the new roll-based access control, allowing users at each site to only see their enabled part of the inventory.

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LOGINventory6 among Best-Of solutions 2014

Innovationspreis-IT 2014Even this year, our inventory software with integrated license management succeeded as "Best-of" solution in the category system management, awarded by a jury of 100 industry experts, scientists and specialized journalists. Every year the "INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT" awards innovative technical solutions from the IT and communications industry.

NEW: LOGINventory6 - Next Generation Network Inventory Software

LOGINventory6The new LOGINventory6 integrates many innovative functions making the inventory of entire networks and software license management a breeze. It gathers all of the hardware and software information while keeping the processed data volumes low. You just have to enjoy the high-speed inventory of your network. An invaluable tool for every IT department, LOGINventory 6 is second to none in the market.

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LOGINventory6.1: Inventory software with a bunch of improved features

Graphical display of network topology with LOGINventory6.1The new update of our network inventory software integrates many improvements regarding data scanning and evaluation. Licensed LOGINventory6 users benefit from the update to version 6.1 at no further costs.

LOGINventory 5.11: Improved license management

The latest update comes with an optimized distinction of hotfixes and software packages to ensure a better assignment to the appropriate categories, enhancing the license management capabilities. Furthermore, version 5.11 provides the prerequisites for the migration of LOGINventory5 data to version 6. The new main version LOGINventory6 will be released soon.